Della Yellow Founder Ella Cope

"I founded Della Yellow to change our relationship with stuff."

Founder, Ella Cope was always the first to reach for the necklaces in the dressing up box, and still takes joy in putting together outfits. That said, there are enough clothes on the planet right now to dress the next six generations of the human race. Ella felt irresponsible contributing to this surplus, and so pioneered a new way to enjoy trends: upgrading existing clothing.

Ella trained as an engineer, so understands the importance of moving towards a circular economy, and how these processes can be incorporated into products and services that work for people.

Della Yellow customised sweaters

Della Yellow is green

Upgrading means you can enjoy trends without the fast fashion climate guilt. Instead of buying a new sweater vest, you can send in a jumper you don't wear any more to be upgraded. Save your jumper from landfill, and you get the sweater vest you wanted - win win.

Della Yellow sustainable remnant fabrics

About us

Della Yellow has evolved from an idea in Ella's bedroom to a HQ in Somerset House in central London. We hosted initial pop up stores in John Lewis and now partner with some of the UK's biggest clothing brands.

Della Yellow completes all sewing and upgrading work within the UK. This ensures we can maintain living wages and comfortable conditions for all our garment workers, while keeping our shipping carbon footprint to a minimum.