Takeaways From Our Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneurship Masterclass

Takeaways From Our Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneurship Masterclass

Della Yellow worked in partnership with Makerversity and Somerset House, to bring the session to a group of underrepresented young people, to support them in entering the creative industries.



Things we taught them:

  • A problem-solving approach to upcycling clothing, using the constraints of the garment you have been given to create something new.
  • Creating customer personas to understand their target market.
  • Practical sewing skills, which they used to upcycle their own tote bags with deadstock fabrics to take home.



Things THEY taught US:

  • In their eyes, when creating a business, the fact that it needed to be sustainable was a given. Their mindset is so far ahead of many of the people I speak to in the fashion industry on a daily basis. This generation knows where the future of fashion is at.
  • Many of them listed vintage and charity shops as their favourite place to buy clothes, and gave me the low down on where to find the best pieces in London.


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