"I work in fashion but I hate buying clothes"

"I work in fashion but I hate buying clothes"

This entry was written by Della Yellow's founder, Ella, who talks about her approach to enjoying fashion and balancing this with sustainability.


Tie top: Della Yellow upgraded shirt. Jeans: second hand. Jewellery: grandma's hand-me-downs. Trainers: Salomon.


"I haven’t bought any brand new clothes for the last 2 years (bar 2 replacement pairs of trainers from Brookes and Salomon). It wasn’t an overnight change; it started as a feeling that there’s enough ‘stuff’ out there which I didn’t need to contribute to and grew to a desire to look for second hand versions of everything I wanted.

I probably will buy something new at some point, (progress over perfection), but for now I don’t miss it or covet it. Selecting where I spend my money is a choice I’m privileged to have.

I still love clothes, looking at clothes, styling clothes, working with clothes. But finding things in charity shops, vintage stores and at Vinted and Depop, getting first pick on the clothes my friends are throwing out, upcycling what I have - that’s the real creativity. I don’t want the same thing as everyone else, and I definitely don’t need it. "

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