In the dynamic world of sustainable fashion, we've got some exciting updates to share this week. From Vinted's innovative 'Verification Scheme' to H&M's 'Pre-Loved' concept, there's a lot happening in the UK's sustainable fashion scene. Plus, we'll explore Depop's pop-up store on Oxford Street, delve into the booming trend of recommerce, and recommend a sustainable fashion Ted talk from the archives, that made us smile this week.


1. Vinted's 'Verification Scheme': Elevating Trust in Second-Hand Luxury

Vinted, a popular fashion marketplace, has just introduced a new 'Verification Scheme.' This innovative feature allows shoppers to verify items priced over £100 with the expertise of a dedicated team of experts. For £10, buyers can enjoy enhanced confidence when dealing with high-end, second-hand fashion. Currently, this service is only available for bags and includes the cost of shipping the item from the buyer to the verification hub. What sets this apart is that, if an item isn't verified, Vinted offers a full refund. The service is akin to Vestiaire Collective, a renowned French app often compared to a 'designer Depop' or 'Vinted for luxury fashion,' who offer a similar service for £15.


2. H&M's 'Pre-Loved' Concept: Sustainable Fashion Experimentation

H&M, a household name in the fashion industry, has unveiled its 'Pre-Loved' concept at its flagship store on Regent Street. The initiative aims to inspire British consumers to experiment with fashion while championing a circular economy. The 'Pre-Loved' collection showcases well-conditioned garments and extends beyond H&M Group items. Notably, the store now also offers rental services, providing sustainable fashion enthusiasts with even more eco-conscious options. This effort still only represents a tiny proportion of H&M’s overall sales, as one of the world's biggest garment producers. However, if you can replace a new H&M purchase with a second hand one, then we’re here for it.


3. Depop's Oxford Street Pop-Up: Thrift Shopping in London

Depop, one of our favourite platform for fashion resale, is making a splash with its pop-up store on Oxford Street in London from 11-13 November. This unique shopping experience features four leading sellers who've curated a section with prices starting at just £5. We’ll be checking this one out.


4. The Resale and Rental Boom: Insights from a Recent Study

In a testament to the growing popularity of resale and rental in the fashion industry, a recent study conducted by Barclaycard Payments has revealed remarkable statistics. The study found that 'recommerce' now represents nearly £7 billion of total retail sales over the past year, constituting 1.6% of the market. Furthermore, the recommerce sector has contributed significantly, generating 49,000 jobs within the UK retail sector. The research also indicates that 82% of the 400 retailers surveyed experienced a boost in revenue from 'recommerce activities,' defined as 'buying, selling, or renting previously owned products.'


5. Jessi Arrington: A Sustainable Fashion Inspiration

For those seeking inspiration to fully embrace sustainable fashion, we recommend Jessi Arrington's TED talk. Arrington is a passionate advocate for second-hand fashion, exclusively buying used clothing. In this 5-min video, she speaks of a trip where she packed only underwear and purchased everything she needed second-hand at her destination. Upon returning home, she donated these items back to the community, embodying the essence of circularity and mindful fashion choices. If you can see past the very 2011 fashion choices, it’s a fun watch.

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