The concept was born from a dilemma:

We wanted to enjoy the fun of fashion and the power of wearing garments that truly reflect us, whilst also being aware that the Climate Emergency is being fuelled by a wasteful fashion industry. 

Della Yellow, in direct contrast to fast fashion, works solely with pre-existing high quality pieces to extend their life. We offer individual and considered garments which feel good and do good.

Della Yellow upcycled 7 For All Mankind jeans on red carpet with sequin sandal

Luxury is bespoke

Each Della Yellow garment is a limited edition, so you can be confident that each timeless, handcrafted design is exclusively yours. 

We approach fashion as an art; from thoughtfully selecting eye-catching vintage fabrics to cutting flattering patterns to adorn garments. The result of this unique approach is a curated piece just for you, the true definition of luxury.

Della Yellow upcycled cream corduroy Levi's jeans, ankle embellishment with floral fabric


The current textile system works by extracting large amounts of non-renewable energy to produce clothing, which is often worn for a short time before being discarded and sent to landfill or incinerated. We know this is a hugely wasteful model, and more than half of the fast fashion produced is disposed of in under a year.

Durable clothing made from more sustainable fabrics, such as organic rather than virgin cotton, is produced in a way that has a lower environmental impact. However, unless you wear this clothing for as long as possible, you are simply sending more durable items to landfill, negating any benefit of your sustainable purchase. Durable clothing becomes durable waste.

Della Yellow upcycled Levi's Ribcage jeans, hand in rear pocket with fabric embellishment

We see clothes as lasting companions, not disposable objects, and recognise that they need to be worn and loved for their whole life to make them truly sustainable. 

The most sustainable fashion is clothing that already exists, and we aim to extend its life as much as possible. Therefore, we choose to use only high quality vintage garments and fabrics for our limited edition collections, as well as completing customisations on your existing pieces to enable you to love them for longer.