This is our luxury upcycling service which sews a bespoke Della Yellow design of the recipient's choice onto a pair of their trousers, using vintage fabrics. You give the gift box and they choose their design for their trousers.

Our beautifully presented Customisation Gift Box uses 100% recyclable packaging. They choose their Customisation design so you KNOW they will like it, and they send their own trousers, so you KNOW they will fit.

  • 1.

    They receive the Gift Box. They fill in the luggage tag and attach it to their chosen trousers, so we know who they belong to

  • 2.

    They choose their fabric and design on our Customisations page

  • 3.

    They pack their trousers in the pre-paid Gift Box and drop them at their local Post Office

  • 4.

    We sew on their chosen Customisation and return their trousers in 1-2 weeks

Which trousers should they send?

Choose a pair you no longer wear that fit well and are in good condition. The embellishment will be sewn over the existing trouser, so the fit and length will be unchanged.

We love all fabrics, they don't have to be denim. Flared crops or petite palazzos, our embellishments are crafted to work for any size and fit.

Check out our socials for some inspiration.

Please note: For skinny fit jeans and trousers, our Sunny Side Up design will work best.
Still unsure? Drop us a message.