Sustainable Fashion Gift Guide for Christmas 2023

Sustainable Fashion Gift Guide for Christmas 2023

1. Offcut Denim Scrunchie

Elevate hair styling while reducing waste! Our Offcut Denim Scrunchies are made from repurposed denim offcuts, ensuring each one is unique and zero waste. Choose from three sizes catering to various hair types. An ideal stocking filler for sustainable fashion lovers looking for a unique accessory.


2. Offcut Denim Tote Bag

Carry sustainability wherever you go! Our Tote Bags are crafted from mixed denims, making each bag one-of-a-kind with a unique patchwork design. These lightweight bags, made from repurposed denim offcuts, feature fixed carry handles and offer ample space for your laptop and daily essentials.


3. Rosette Choker Necklace

Make a statement sustainably! Our Rosette Choker Necklaces are crafted from denim offcuts, giving new life to discarded fabric. The denim rosette is mounted on a long ribbon, which allows for adjustable sizing.


4. Della Yellow Gift Card

Not sure which sustainable fashion piece to choose? Give the gift of choice with a Della Yellow Gift Card. Let your loved ones explore our range of unique, eco-friendly clothing upgrades and select their favourite pieces.



Why Choose Della Yellow for Sustainable Fashion Gifts?

At Della Yellow, our products cater to the environmentally conscious, offering unique gifting options that align with sustainable fashion trends. Embrace style while supporting a greener future with Della Yellow's thoughtful and eco-friendly gifts.

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